Security and HIPAA Compliance Services

HIPAA Secure Now! service

The HIPAA Secure Now! service provides you with the tools you need to comply with the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules.

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P3 TekSolutions assesses network compliance and remediates issues

P3 TekSolutions will assess your network and security compliance and remediate any issues found. We provide patching of OS and Third party software and vulnerability management coupled with extensive reporting to keep you safe and in compliance. We scan over 60,000 vulnerabilities and remediate them before they are exploited by bad actors. We offer HIPAA Compliance Services and HIPAA Compliance training with our Partner HIPAA Secure NOW!

HIPAA Secure Now! Program Overview

Thorough Risk Assessment



  • We perform your Risk Assessment
  • Streamlined Risk Assessment Process - you will spend around 1 or 2 hours working with us and then we do the rest!
  • We make additional security recommendations
  • HIPAA Compliance Snapshot
  • Threats Analysis / Risk Determination
  • Satisfy Meaningful Use Requirement - Core Objective - Protect electronic health information (Conduct or review a security risk assessment of the certified EHR technology) - don"t put those incentive payments at risk!
  • Easy to understand reports/work plans

HIPAA Security Training

HIPAA Security Training


  • We Train your Employees
  • Interesting and engaging training videos - HIPAA is boring no more!
  • HIPAA training for existing and new employees
  • Retrain employees on an annual basis
  • Provide employee compliance testing
  • View compliance reports that show when employees were trained and their compliance testing scores
  • Employee Security Reminders

HIPAA Policies and Procedures

HIPAA Policies and Procedures


  • We Write your Policies and Procedures
  • Employee access to policies and procedures
  • Videos explaining security policies
  • Easy to understand policies
  • Easy to follow procedures
  • Addresses the HIPAA Security and Omnibus Rules
  • Allows you to show compliance with HIPAA regulations and protect patient information!

HIPAA Compliance Portal

HIPAA Compliance Portal


  • Online access that makes complying with HIPAA easy!
  • Employee access to policies and procedures
  • Track Business Associates
  • Security incident response
  • Access disaster plans
  • Store contracts and documents
  • HIPAA related information
  • Educational videos
  • Audit "Book of Evidence"

Easy To Use

HIPAA Ease of Use


  • We do all the hard work for you!
  • Streamlined Risk Assessment - only takes around 1 or 2 hours to complete
  • HIPAA Policies are easy to understand and employees love the policy videos!
  • Training is light and enjoyable - HIPAA is boring no more!
  • Our team is with you through the whole process - we"ll get through this together!
  • Our tools and templates make HIPAA easy!
  • The price of our service is easy on your wallet

$100,000 Financial Protection

HIPAA Financial Protection


  • Financial protection from fines and breach expenses!
  • HIPAA breach related expenses
  • HIPAA violation fines
  • Includes PCI (Credit Card) breach expenses
  • Available to Covered Entities and Business Associates
  • Available for organizations with 50 or fewer employees
  • Allows you to sleep at night knowing your protected!
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Security Incident Response

HIPAA Security Incident Response


  • Security breaches are stressful - we are here to help!
  • Security Incident Response Tools
  • Required breach Risk Assessment tool
  • Breach documentation tool
  • Patient/HHS notification steps
  • Access to security experts to assist with breach response
  • Our security breach tools combined with financial protection will make a bad situation much better!

Track Business Associates

HIPAA Track Business Associates


  • Business Associate tracking tools
  • Business Associate Agreement (BAA) templates
  • Upload BAAs to Compliance Portal
  • Business Associate (BA) compliance verification questionnaire - make sure your BAs are protecting patient information!
  • We help you track Business Associates and make sure they are protecting your patient information

Compliance Tools

HIPAA Compliance Tools


  • HIPAA regulations are complex and confusing, our tools make complying easy!
  • Track access to servers/systems with patient Information
  • Track CD/DVD/USB drives with patient information
  • Track system activity reviews
  • Termination procedure templates
  • Notice of Patient Privacy (NPP) templates
  • Emergency operations procedure templates
  • Many more tools and templates

Outstanding Customer Support

HIPAA Customer Support


  • Truly outstanding customer support
  • Step by step guidance - we are with you through the whole process!
  • Ongoing guidance and advice
  • Access to HIPAA experts
  • Our goal is to help you with HIPAA compliance and protect patient information!

Covered Entities and BA's

HIPAA Covered Entities


  • Service For HIPAA Covered Entities (CE) and Business Associates (BA)
  • Specialized CE and BA Risk Assessment Process
  • Specialized CE and BA Policies and Procedures
  • Specialized CE and BA Security Training

Reference Library

HIPAA Reference Library


  • If you need information or have a question, we have the answer!
  • Access to articles, links and HIPAA related reference material
  • Curated articles on HIPAA topics
  • HIPAA whitepapers and guides
  • HIPAA videos on how to protect patient information

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